Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Strength Training

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I was re-introducing strength training as part of my training.  After giving some thought to how I wanted to work this in around my running, stretching, biking and other outdoor activities, this is my tentative routine:

This routine manages to hit all major body parts in the week, and build strength in the core running muscles (hamstrings, calves) twice in the week, with one session light and the other more intense.  Biking is performed in the mornings, and may be inserted on run days as an option (running occurs at midday).  Elliptical training will also serve as a substitute for biking.  Strength training occurs at midday on non-run days, and on run days it occurs in the morning.

This routine is a scaled-down routine of one I was using over the summer of 2010, but with the addition of more stretching.  What I am not sure about is the optimal placement of the PNF stretching, whether it should be post strength or post cardio.  This will take some experimentation to discover the best scenario.

This routine does not consider the placement of plyometrics training.  Once I figure that out I will revisit this plan.  For now, plyos will be worked in on the non-run days to start with further consideration to be given to the compensation cycle for optimal training.  I still have more learning to do in this area.

I realize there is likely a myriad of books and articles written on the subject of strength training, running routines, etc.  This is all part of the discovery process - as I come across better ideas I will adjust my routine accordingly and report on the progress.

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