Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tough Mudder Northeast 2011, Recap & Video

Tough Mudder Northeast, 2011
So my wife Patti ran the Tough Mudder Northeast (Englishtown, NJ) a few weeks ago on November 13. It was a goal of hers that I've been hearing about for months.  She planned this after signing up for the Baltimore Marathon earlier in the year, and since that point the marathon became second priority.  

A lifelong runner and Army Veteran , she seeks something different now from her runs.  Like anything you do for a long time, I suppose variation in the challenge is the key to keeping it real.  So I appreciate the need to change it up, and while I had no interest in participating in this challenge (not a race), it was enjoyable to watch the event and the participants.  

Capturing the Event
The Northeast event is held at Raceway Park, NJ so there are no mountains or natural landscape challenges--all landscape is man-made.  The course was about 12 miles long with 32 obstacles.  For the event I gave my 10 year old son my JVC Everio vidcam, and I grabbed my Canon Rebel XT with a 200mm lens.  With 2 kids in tow, we probably ran 3-5 miles that day from one obstacle to the next, trying to capture Patti in action.

I've spliced the video coverage of the event together with some appropriate background music, and it's my first real attempt at video editing.  I can't believe the amount of time this took, for 8 minutes of video I spent almost 8 hours!

VFF ALERT!  There were a lot of people wearing 5's, but check out my wife at the 2:00 mark getting kicked in the face by a foot in a VFF (she's helping someone get out of the Chernobyl Jacuzzi (ice bath!)).  Also, I just noticed in the last "Mission Accomplished" still a pair of muddy Fives near the bottom of the shoe heap.  Really? WHO throws out a pair of 5's because they're muddy?!?  (or are they Skeletoes?)

Anyway, enjoy the video (apologies for the shakiness, it's my very excited son filming!)

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