Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Resolutions & Year Ahead

So the New Year is well started and I'm gearing up for my next marathon.  I'll be running the NJ Marathon on May 6 (with Team in Training - your donation is certainly welcomed! - to the right), and I'm just coming into week 1 of my 16 week training cycle.  In advance of that I made some New Year resolutions, but wanted to give them a week or so to see if they'll stick.

Steamtown Finish 10-09-2011
Resolution 1:  Do my strength training!  Admittedly last year I was so addicted to running that doing anything but that seemed a waste of time.  However, the marathon proved me wrong.  It's necessary and I wouldn't consider another marathon without it.

Resolution 2:  Do my speed work!  Again, last year I didn't see the point in training for speed when I was looking at a 4 hour marathon. But again, the marathon proved me wrong.  You need speed training to help build strength and push the envelope of your running.

Resolution 3:  Cut out the crappy food!  It doesn't matter if it's a sweet snack or salty snack, it's all crappy food to my body.  The worst part is, once you cheat a little bit, it seems OK to cheat some more.  I subscribe to the twitter-verse concept of #candyfree - reset your candy consumption clock to 0, sustain it for a few days and then the cycle gets broken and the cravings subside.  And then hold yourself accountable daily by declaring your # of days #candyfree (but don't expect anyone to really care).  

Resolution 4:  Don'trun injured!  'Nuff said.
New Years Day, 2012

Resolution 5:  Follow the plan!  I never had "a" marathon plan last year.  Oh I had plan, it's just that I kept changing it every couple of weeks.  This year I have a plan and I'm sticking to it.  (Topic of a future post.)

Resolution 6:  Get barefoot, as in unshod.  I will not commit to running a marathon barefoot yet, but I am committed to trying one barefoot eventually.  In the meanwhile I'm building up a foundation of tough feet.  

Resolution 7:  Do my races.  Again this year I am USATF registered and will be planning to accomplish all of my races.  

Well, that's all I'll commit to at this point.  There are some other resolutions but I'm not fully committed to them yet, so I'll leave it there for now.  I'll be diving into some of the ones I mentioned in future posts.

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